The book

How do I become a trader.

This book is written to help you on your way to becoming a trader, with the motto "Simple but very effective". All aspects are covered in this book. Think of having a strategy plan and applying risk management.

These are the aspects that the average traders do not apply and why 90% of the starting traders do not make it profitable in the long term.

This book also teaches you a simple to understand and highly effective trading strategy through "Price Action". No complicated indicators are involved. Purely learning to understand what the candlesticks are trying to tell you, how the current price came about and more importantly, what the price might do and why.

You will be taught when you can step into a trade and how and when you should step out of it again. Also we look at safety when finding good targets, placing stoplosses and applying risk management.

You will also find a template for a trade plan based on S.M.A.R.T. goals. You will also be taught the usefulness of keeping a trade diary and how keeping your mental state and emotions during a trade can make you a better trader. Also for this a template is included.

In short, this book offers you everything to become a trader and ultimately to earn your money with it.

This book can be deliverd as E-Book or physical book. The choice is yours!
The book consists of 86 pages.

Below you will find a preview, so that you get a picture of the contents of the book.


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